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Q275 material is Engineering and welding .

Chemical composition of Q275, Q275 mechanical properties, Q275 datasheet, Q275 equivalent grade, Heat treatment and temperature process of Q275.

Q275 property sheet

Q275 Spec.

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Chemical Composition of Q275

C 0.28~0.38
Si ≤0.35
Mn 0.50~0.80
P ≤0.045
S ≤0.050
Cr ≤0.30
Ni ≤0.30
Cu ≤0.30

Mechanical Properties of Q275

Rp0.2 (MPa) 359 (≥)
Rm (MPa) 782 (≥)
AKV (J) 21
A (%) 41
Z (%) 13
Hardness HBW 444

Q275 shape and dimensions

Q275 Round bar: 1mm-800mm
Q275 Square bar: 10mm * 10mm-600mm *600mm
Q275 Flat bar: Thickness:8mm-800mm Width:10mm to 1500mm
Q275 Sheet or Plate: Thickness:3mm-80mm Width:1.5mm to 1500mm
Q275 Strip or Coil: Thickness:0.1mm-3mm Width:1.5mm-1500mm
Q275 Forgings: Shafts with flanks/pipes/tubes/slugs/donuts/cubes/other shapes