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Company is located in the hometown of the great poet Li Bai ---- Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, where beautiful scenery and pleasant climate and convenient transportation, Po into a rail, into the cotton wide high-speed, Jiuzhaigou travel across the city throughout the loop. Our company mainly engaged in steel products, can provide users with 12 categories, more than 350 brands, more than 5000 specifications of high-quality special steel and metal products. Wide range of products across the field of technology have obvious advantages. The company with the national steel manufacturers have a number of trade links, can provide you with high quality pre-sale and after-sales service! Make friends all, honest way of doing things!
Production equipment and steel specifications, brands,Our company can provide 12 categories, more than 350 brands, more than 5,000 groups from high-quality specifications of special steel metal materials.
Smelting equipment: electric furnace capacity of 5 tons -40 tons, refining furnace capacity (including VOD, LF, AOD, VD) 5 Dun -40 tons, non-vacuum induction furnace capacity of 0.5 tons -10 tons, electroslag furnace capacity of 0.35 tons -8 t .
Pressure Processing: Forging Machine Model 1200 tons -4.0 thousand tons, 0.75 tons electro-hydraulic hammer Model -5 t;
825-type mill, 650 mill, 250 mill.
Mechanical processing: polishing machine Φ8-Φ300; peeling machine Φ60-Φ180; car light turning diameter ≤ 1.2 m, length ≤ 12 m deep borehole length ≤ 12 Mi.
Ingot Ingot Type: General and refining steel ingot, 0.5 tons -25 tons; ESR Ingot 0.35 tons -8 tons;
Size: rod rolled Φ1.0-Φ280. Forging Φ80-600; steel pipe (outer diameter Φ3-Φ235) × (thickness 0.5-40); thin (0.5-12) × 1000 × 2000; in the thick rolling, forging plate: thickness ≥ 6, the width of ≤ 610; Alien pieces: square, flat, ring, cylinder, step shaft and so on.
Heat treatment: it can provide annealing, normalizing, tempering, solid solution, aging, quenching and tempering heat treatment and other special requirements of product delivery.
Longhai Special Steel

Longhai Special Steel